Y: The Last Man Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

Find out about the latest news of Y: The Last Man's second season. Here's everything we know about Y: The Last Man season 2 release date and news.

Being surrounded by critics, the future of gender’s-centered movies is unclear. Sure, the adventure of man-baby, Yorick Brown, is still in the beginning phase in the first season.

Can the hope of the second season come true?

Despite being a popular comic that ran from 2002 to 2008, the series gets a lot of critics from the comic’s fans because they diverted the point of the storyline into “gender” based.

The story of the comic is pretty clear with the premise of the “extinction event” happens that claims every mammal’s life that has a Y chromosome. It includes every animal and human.

The 2002’s comic series is not to be bold in explaining who is alive and dead, instead, they emphasize Yorick and his monkey as the last Y chromosome’s holder to be the sole survivor.

Yet, Eliza Clark, calls for a deeper explanation for this gender selection and made an additional cast to relate to the current “woke” culture. Though, the original creator of Y: The Last Man, Brian K. Vaughan, praises the decision of the adaptation, saying it’s better than the source.

So, what’s the latest news about the second season of the series?

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Y: The Last Man Season 2 Release Date

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After a hell of development from 2015, Y: The Last Man finally got a greenlit from FX Network for TV adaptation.

Through a rollercoaster of different hands, the producer seat finally lands on Eliza Clark in June 2019. The title was changed from simply Y to Y: The Last Man.

Later, in June 2020, they decided that the series premiered on Hulu instead of FX’s cable network

Bad news came before the entire season of Y: The Last Mission concluded. The series was announced for cancellation of renewal. FX would no longer become a host for the series.

John Landgraf, Chairman of FX, stated that the reason for the cancellation is due to a steep decline in viewers.

Matthew Kadish wrote a deep analysis of why the series failed to entice the viewer. He said that the series ignores the male demographic who is the majority of comic book adaptation fans.

Not only that, but the failure of the series was also due to budgetary reasons. Because of COVID-19, the production-related stopped and FX had to pay the extended contracts for the actors. They spent another 3 million dollars just to extend them.

Eliza Clark announced the cancellation on her Twitter on October 18, 2021, exactly a month and a half before the last episode premiered.

But, she didn’t give up on looking for alternatives for continuing the series. As someone who has the ambition to make 50 episodes of Y: The Last Man, she was looking for another network that could become the new home of the series.

Alas, she finally met a dead end and permanently discontinued the project. Let’s hope that in the future, someone picks the baton and gets this series a second chance.

Y: The Last Man Season 2 Trailer

Because there is no announcement of the second season, there is no trailer to be released. Enjoy the trailer of the first season instead.

As you can see, the premise of the show is great. With all of the men being wiped out from the surface of the world, all aspects which are supported by men such as logistics, military, and government collapse.

But not stopping that, the calamity doesn’t only claim the men’s lives, but also women’s. The void existence of men means that the sector which supports livelihood such as the power plane is also shutting down. It is up to women how to rebuild the community surrounding them.

But, the story doesn’t revolve around them. There is one man and his male monkey who survives the calamity. Together they go on a journey to unravel the mysteries of male extinction.

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