Loki Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

Here is everything we know about the upcoming second season of Loki, including the release date, trailer, story and other exciting news.

Season one of Marvel’s Loki TV show concluded on July 14th, 2021, with the sixth episode temporarily sealing the story of our favorite mischievous god.

Fans are restless, curiously wondering what the next season could bring. If you’re one of them, this is the right place to learn more. 

We created a concise and informational article containing everything you should know about the upcoming season 2 of Marvel’s Loki. Shall you continue reading, you can quickly gather all relevant information and news before the TVA agents detect an abnormality and get to work.

Quickly, let us get into it!

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When Is Loki Season 2 Coming Out?

Loki Season 2 Release Date (Estimate)

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Loki Season 2 has already been released!

As of the 13th of February 2023, there isn’t an exact and official release date for season 2 of Marvel’s Loki TV Show.

However, season 2 will likely premiere on Disney+ somewhere during the summer of 2023, as previously mentioned by Kevin Feige during the San Diego Comic-Con.

An exact month or day announcement isn’t available as there could still be slight delays or rescheduling due to re-filming and other reasons.

We’ll update you with the date as soon as a Marvel official confirms it.

Loki Season 2 Trailer – Everything We Know So Far

Despite having a slight idea of the time window during which Loki season 2 should premiere, we still don’t have an official trailer yet.

However, a well-put, fan-made trailer is available and could satisfy your curiosity until we get an official one from Marvel.

More fan-made content is available on YouTube, none of which is the official, true Loki season 2 trailer by Marvel. For that, we’ll have to remain patient just a tad longer.

Whenever an official trailer gets released, we’ll make sure you see it on time, so keep an eye out for this section.

News, Crew Changes & More – Loki Season 2


At the moment, we know season 2 will return our favorite characters on screen, but not everything remains the same regarding the crew.

Although Sylvie, Mobius, Ravonna Renslayer, and of course, Loki, all return to tailor new adventures, there have been some notable changes behind the camera. One of the most significant change is Kate Herron stepping down from the director role.

Despite many people believing Kate was the perfect choice for leading the Loki crew in the right direction, in a recent interview, she expressed the opposite. Kate mentioned it could be better if someone else took over.

“I feel like this was my effort for Loki. I feel like having someone new with fresh eyes is what will make a good season.” – said Kate.

This statement is understandable, as Herron was on the show for about three years, and after spending all of her time, effort, and creativity on it, it may be better for someone with a fresh touch to pour new life into whatever’s coming next.

And we already know that the special “someone” responsible will be the director duo consisting of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, so now the excitement for the upcoming season is even higher.

Loki TV Show

We’re also getting a new addition to the cast, as you might’ve already heard, and that’s Ke Huy Quan, the Vietnam-born American actor known for his roles in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom and Everything Everywhere All at Once.

As seen during this video interview alongside Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino, Quan expressed his excitement about Marvel revealing his involvement in season 2 of Loki. He admitted holding back the good news for so long and that not even his family knew anything about it.

In one of the interviews starring Eugene Cordero (The TVA employee, Casey), the actor commented on how often the story is modified. He also added that the show regularly shifts in unknown directions. So, it could be that the writer is making the necessary changes to adapt the plot to the cast changes and new characters.

What Does The Season 2 Plot Have In Store For Us?

Loki TV Series

We can’t deny there have been some “leaks” online that grabbed our attention. However, they’re not confirming anything, and it looks like they are more of an opinion based on an “insider leak” (also unconfirmed) rather than actual proof.

But, if you are curious, here’s what the word on the street is about the Loki season 2 plot:

Warning, spoilers (if the leak rumors turn out to be true).

The main villain in the second season of Loki will be a Sylvie character from the future. Her goal is to destroy the new timelines that appeared after killing He Who Remains. Our main character will try to stop her with the help of the TVA. 

According to rumors, the old Sylvie character will also be shown in a different timeline (apparently the seventies), working a casual job in a McDonald’s restaurant.

The new character, played by Ke Huy Quan, will be named Orborus and also go by the nickname of B-O. Orborus, or B-O, will be in charge of technology advancements in the already well-known Time Variance Authority, based on the rumors.

The plot leak, which states that Loki’s mind will “glitch” between the past and the present, will be fixed by Mobius, but only thanks to the help of B-O, once again, the new character played by Ke Huy Quan.

That gives even more importance to the new Orborus face we’re about to see in the upcoming season. 

Lastly, the fanbase believes the Loki and Sylvie romance will be the center of attention throughout the entire season 2 storyline, with Kang playing a secondary role.

However, what you just read are rumors that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Some of these leaks may come out as true but could also be false.

After all, where’s the fun if the entire season leaks before we get to see it?


Quickly becoming one of the most sought-after Marvel shows, Loki returns with a second season somewhere in the summer of 2023.  

There are constant news and updates on this topic, and we’ll make sure this is the best place to hear them first.  

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